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Custom Ski Boot Fitting

Cole Sport has the most extensive custom boot fitting program in Park City, Utah. If you are convinced ski boots can't be comfortable, come visit our team of experienced custom boot fitters to learn otherwise. Ski boot technology, just as ski tech, has evolved drastically in recent years allowing for a more comfortable, snug fit that produces results on the slopes.

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Along with improved boot shells and liners, the custom boot fitting process has progressed to help skiers find that perfect combination of comfort and performance. The ability to manipulate or punch the plastic of a ski boot creates a better interface between ankle, foot and outer shell. Custom moldable, dynamic footbeds provide unmatched support and positional hold within the boot while allowing the ankle to articulate, an essential human motion for maintaining balance and delivering power to the ski. After heat molding the inner boots to the skiers feet, the essential step of alignment is undertaken to ensure the skier is properly balanced and flat on their skis, allowing for smoother edge to edge transitions and reduced body stress and fatigue. Our basic boot fitting process starts at $50 but is included in the price of boots when purchased in store.