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Green Business

At Cole Sport, we have been committed to eco-friendly practices since the beginning. Growing up in Seattle, Gary and Jana Cole were instilled with an appreciation of nature, environmental protection, sustainability, and social responsibility. These continue to be core values at Cole Sport and we are constantly trying to improve. In this vein, we have partnered with Recycle Utah and joined their Green Business Program to promote environmental awaremenss in our community.

Green Business Program

Green Awards

  • Previous Recipient of Recycle Utah Business Recycler of the Year

Green Recycling Initiatives

  • Cardboard, white paper, colored paper, hard plastic, soft plastic, aluminum, mixed metals, e-waste, ink cartridges, rubber (bike tires/tubes)

Green Corporate Initiatives

  • Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Wind Power - 100% Wind Power Offset
  • Converted to Energy Efficient LED Lighting in all 4 Locations
  • POW (Protect Our Winters) Contributing Partner

Green Employee Initiatives

  • Employee Bike Program - Year-round employees receive a bike annually to promote active lifestyles and bike commuting
  • Incentivize Car Pooling with Parking Privileges

Green Retail Initiatives

  • Kraft Paper Shopping Bags made from FSC Recycled Paper
  • FSC Recycled Paper Price Tags
  • Kraft Paper Gift Boxes made from FSC Recycled Paper
  • Recycled Tissue Paper, Natural Raffia, and Twine for Gift Wrapping
  • Donate Manufacturer Hangers to Non-Profits and Customers

Green Office Initiatives

  • Two Sided Printing
  • Digital Employee Manual
  • Email Customer Invoices
  • Email Store Meeting Notes and Employee Communication
  • Cloud Sharing of Documents
  • Reuse of Office Paper for Note Pad Paper

Green Warehouse Initiatives

  • Reuse Incoming Shipping Materials for Outbound Shipments
  • Recycle All Remaining Incoming Recyclable Shipping Materials

Green Cleaning/Landscaping Initiatives

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
  • Eco-Friendly Lawn Fertilizer
  • Eco-Friendly Ice Melt
  • Mow Lawn without Bagging
  • Pull Weeds instead of using Pesticides

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